Knowledge Management

Why? Because knowledge management underpins all of these and more

    • Better new hire induction through improved employee confidence and time to proficiency.
    • Increased sales through better sales enablement for less time spent searching and more time on selling.
    • Happier customers through quicker access to help and reduced resolution times.
    • Risk mitigation, reduced change management failure rates, and increased project success through capturing lessons learned and referring back to them.
    • More innovative solutions and service design through cross-silo collaboration and communities of practice.
    • Chatbot usability


Productivity Strategy

With a rare combination of technical background and creative flair, I bring a unique perspective to helping organisations overcome roadblocks when seeking to improve knowledge flows and service delivery. Certified in ITIL foundations and Knowledge Centred Service v6, I work to ensure organisations like yours can create sustainable improvements that result in greater employee efficiency, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.

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Independent research

I am conducting independent research into next-generation knowledge enablement platforms.

If you are a vendor with a solution that addresses mentoring & peer learning, social network analysis, enterprise content management, standalone knowledge base management, knowledge auditing, knowledge mapping or knowledge base automation, please contact me for a briefing.

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