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One of the greatest challenges for startups, especially those with funding, is the expectation of rapid scale while maintaining an effective support channel. Often customer support is shared between yourselves, as founders, and your few early employees. But what happens next? You make your first dedicated support hire and now you need to transfer your operational knowledge and figure out how to not only keep your customer support function effective, now that it’s out of your hands, but also efficient. Startups succeed when the software solves problems, but are you giving enough attention to the area of your business that solves the problems customers will inevitably have with your software?

This new advisory package is designed to help you navigate your support options and provide you with insight into what your next steps look like. I will meet with you (onsite if Melbourne), talk about your goals and needs, and understand the SaaS ecosystem you rely on to keep your business running. I’ll then do some research and provide you with a PDF containing recommendations and resources that will help you scale your startup’s support.

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With a rare combination of technical background and creative flair, I bring a unique perspective to helping organisations overcome roadblocks when seeking to improve knowledge flows and service delivery. Certified in ITIL foundations and Knowledge Centred Service v6, I work to ensure organisations like yours can create sustainable improvements that result in greater employee efficiency, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.

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Independent research

I am conducting independent research into next-generation knowledge enablement platforms.

If you are a vendor with a solution that addresses mentoring & peer learning, social network analysis, enterprise content management, standalone knowledge base management, knowledge auditing, knowledge mapping or knowledge base automation, please contact me for a briefing.

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