Knowledge Management


Working directly with you, or in partnership with experienced ITSM consulting organisations, Knowledge Bird helps you scale your service delivery and support functions. By focusing on knowledge management, which is a much needed but often under-resourced capability, we can improve customer satisfaction and employee retention.

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Online training

Simplify knowledge management. What if you could start your initiative using the people and resources you already have in place, and avoid costly, time-consuming certification courses? Give your organisation four clear, easy-to-follow rules that will transform your organisation into an effective knowledge-sharing team. This self-paced online training takes only 30 minutes. Enterprise licensing available.

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We love working with Aprill. Rather annoyingly, she makes writing, connecting and communicating with her worldwide audience look effortless.

Every project we’ve thrown at her – usually with precious little information or feedback – has been handled logically, professionally and without fuss or drama.

Martin Thompson, Enterprise Opinions

We engaged Aprill for a high-profile project for a global enterprise.

Not only did she handle the complex project with a very short deadline with aplomb, she also delivered results across multiple continents without missing a beat.

The best of all? The client thought the results were “superb” – and Aprill was a big part of that.

Phil Verghis, Klever