Now in Melbourne

A new year brings new resolutions for some, and new project plans for others. In your organisation, maybe the former will inspire the latter. If you’re looking at ways to improve your support organisation, consider following Zendesk’s 14 customer service resolutions and perhaps even contribute your own with the #resolve2solve hash tag. It’s a fun way to approach common problems with a fresh perspective, and they’re crowdsourcing #14, so you might find your contribution dispersed across the Internet.

Disruption must have been the word of 2013, so it seems entirely appropriate, albeit chaotic, for the Knowledge Bird to relocate over the Christmas/New Year break. Working remotely from the spacious, green, English-esque countryside of Bowral has been peaceful—which is great for the quiet-loving introvert, such as I am—but makes in-person meetings and site visits a logistical feat. Several parts of our universe aligned and the time seemed right to fly south for the hustle and bustle of inner-city living. So, the Knowledge Bird is now living in Melbourne. I’m still working remotely for my clients, but it means I’m much more flexible with on-site time.

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