Birds of a feather

Knowledge Bird is a collaborative consulting service, able to augment your existing team or involve a carefully curated crew to uplift knowledge capture and reuse capabilities across all parts of your organisation. Some of my partners are technology solutions. These are non-exclusive strategic alliances and will only be recommended when beneficial to your particular context.

Gander Service Management offers independent service management consulting, based in New Zealand. We work together on IT service management projects that include a knowledge management component.

I work with Evocate on Sharepoint and Office 365 improvement projects. These projects are change management programs that include workshops, delivery, training and ongoing advisory.


Knosys is an enterprise content management system that can be connected to existing systems. It’s strong on workflow guidance, which makes it ideal for compliance-driven contexts including financial and legal services, and telecommunications. The process builder makes light work of training support staff, reducing training time by up to 50%.

If you’d like more information or a demo, please contact me with some details about your needs and environment.

The Help Desk Association of Australiasia provides training for a range of support centre needs. Depending on your particular needs, my proposal may include a training offering from the HDAA.


My mentoring is available for free if you take any online training course with the ITSM Zone. I recommend the ITIL Service Transition course (it includes the knowledge management process), OBASHI, and Certified Agile Service Management.