KM Australia Congress 2012—an interview with Chandni Kapur

An annual event since 2004, the KM Australia Congress will be on again this July 24-26, in Sydney. With a focus on social media and collaboration, change management and culture, learning and performance, and communication and leadership, this year’s congress has a terrific lineup of speakers. There’ll be representation from the Federal Transit and Aviation Administrations from the US, the Australian Department of Defence, Telstra, KPMG, Toyota (US) and lots more. One of the highlights is bound to be the debate on capturing tacit knowledge using social technologies, but the one I’m really looking forward to is seeing Signe Lønholdt from LEGO, Denmark, talk about her experience as Online Community Editor.

For those interested in knowledge management, it will be a great event packed with case studies and real life strategies. I’m pleased to be sharing a few brief interviews over the next week with LEGO’s Signe Lønholdt, Woods Bagot’s Felicity McNish and today, Rio Tinto’s Chandni Kapur.