Zendesk Benchmarking & Analytics Workshop

Much like their blissed-out mascot, Zendesk have such a confident omnipresence on social media that I often forget they’re a startup. With over 15,000 users worldwide they’ve embarked on a lap of Asia-Pac with a series of bootcamp and benchmarking workshops. As the Knowledge Bird, I wear a few hats and one of them is as a Zendesk administrator and customer support manager for a client, so I thought I’d go along for a bit of schooling.

A Request For Change…To Change

I’ve spent the holiday period going over the Change Management process in the 2011 ITIL® Service Transition book. I know! It’s fun isn’t it?! Anyway, I remarked on Twitter that the definitions for the types of change requests ( is rather confusing. Here’s the excerpt in question (from page 65 of the digital edition):

There are three different types of service change:

  • Standard change A pre-authorised change that is low risk, relatively common, and follows a procedure or work instruction.
  • Emergency change A change that must be implemented as soon as possible, for example to resolve a major incident, or implement a security patch.
  • Normal change Any service change that is not a standard change or an emergency change.

It’s also worth noting that a standard change would not require a change request form to be filled out, as the term “pre-authorised” alludes to.

ITIL v3 Foundation Course—My Thoughts

Thanks to the HDAA, the Knowledge Bird went to Sydney last week for the three day foundation course in ITIL v3. They were kind enough to bestow a free course on me, having won the White Paper of the Year, at this year’s Australian itSMF conference.

Who knew such dry material could be so fascinating?