KM Australia Congress 2012—an interview with Felicity McNish

Last year, Australian firm Woods Bagot won the Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award from a shortlist on which they were the only architectural practice. According to this article from Architecture & Design magazine, Woods Bagot commit two percent of their business revenue to research and knowledge management; and much of that material is made accessible to anyone around the world.

Felicity McNish is the Global Knowledge Manager for Woods Bagot and she’ll be presenting “Mobile knowledge management: dealing with tools in the wild” on day one of the KM Australia Congress. She’s kindly given her time to provide comprehensive responses to my questions in the following interview.

My IT Predictions for 2012

I think we all know by now that BYO device and cloud computing are ruling the conferences and conversations at the moment. Don’t get me started on the “cloud” terminology, by the way. Also known as the Internet, non? Anyway, these two things herald some change in approach to IT service management.