Knowledge12—the wrap

ServiceNow’s Knowledge event is over for another year and they’re already planning the next one. The combined user conference/sales event gathered 2000 people in the recently reopened Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. A stunning venue, it was branded ServiceNow and completely overrun with IT people.

As far as events go, it was well-run with an excited, enthusiastic vibe. With a good-sized representation of prospects, I thought it was interesting though, that there wasn’t a clear session track for those guys and the Innovation of the Year award wasn’t given the kind of attention I’d expect at an event like this. Practitioners and administrators, on the other hand, were well catered to with labs and a great array of breakout sessions. It was sometimes hard to choose sessions and I know there were at least two or three that I now regret not seeing.

Knowledge12 underway

ServiceNow’s Knowledge12 event is well and truly underway, and it’s not even officially opened yet. The number of people here is staggering. That’s just the people that have been here for pre-conference training. The rest of the delegates will have been arriving today in time for tomorrow’s opening breakfast. Two thousand people are expected to attend.