The Continual Service of Knowledge

ITIL and KCS white paperIt’s not often that anyone would bother to review a white paper. After all, a white paper is usually free (perhaps in exchange for your email address) and not that much of an investment in time to read. A white paper has come along that I really must point out to you, though. If you’re interested in improving your IT services, this particular one is valuable, and you don’t even have to pay with your contact info.

I’ve long believed that the parents of ITIL® and Knowledge Centred Support (KCS), (AXELOS and the Consortium for Service Innovation, respectively), should join forces in some meaningful way. This white paper looks like being a kind of first step. Though, I don’t know what might come after. AXELOS and HDI have come together to release Synergies between ITIL® and Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS℠). Written by Roy Atkinson, John Custy, and Rick Joslin, the paper explains that “together, ITIL and KCS can improve service management”.

ITIL® refers to the benefits of knowledge management (KM) at each stage of the service lifecycle and describes KM at length in the Service Transition phase. I’ve never understood why the authors of ITIL® placed the most emphasis on KM in Service Transition and not in Continual Service Improvement. This white paper goes through the history of both best practices and their shared challenges, but the meat of it is in the explanation of how KCS complements ITIL® throughout many of its processes, uncovering many opportunities for your own organisation to tap into the value of adopting the behaviours and processes.

Download from the ThinkHDI website.

  • Rod Weir

    Thanks for the link Aprill. Downloading now. I agree that KCS and ITIL should have combined forces long ago…

  • royatkinson

    Aprill – Thank you very much for pointing out this paper. Some service management people are of the opinion that it’s an either/or choice between ITIL and KCS, and the major thrust of the paper is to show that indeed you can–and probably should–do both. Cheers!

    • I did a presentation to one of the itSMF state branches the other day. I described KCS and ITIL as salt and pepper.

      • royatkinson

        I like it!

        • Cinda Daly

          Good analogy. Some would say that ITIL comes before KCS. It depends. Maybe KCS is the pepper giving ITIL the kick!