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If you make just one resolution for 2013, make it this…

It’s the first new day of 2013. What have you got planned for it? We’re going to the beach. But what have you got planned for the year?

This time last year, I had a feeling 2012 was going to be a big one. I challenged myself to present my Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base to a real-life audience. Not only did I do what I set out to but I took that presentation internationally, to New Zealand and New Orleans, too. And online for the 24 hour, follow-the-sun, TFT conference.

With Mark, Karen, Adam, Farah, Jarod. Photo by Breed Lewis

I contributed two articles to the well-read ITSM Review.

I began connecting the dots of my focus areas and attended IT service management conferences, knowledge management conferences, and community management conferences.

Photo by Chris Dancy

In September, I was a guest on the Antipodean ITSM weekly podcast.

Along the way I’ve met some outstanding people. People who embraced me, encouraged me, and continue to advise me. A number of us were on the road together a few times over the year, and in this short time that I’ve come to know them, they probably know me better than anyone.

With Ian Clayton and Simone Moore. Photo by HDAA.

2012 has been the busiest year of my life. And it couldn’t have ended any better—starting an ongoing engagement with a vendor whom I’m proud to be associated with.

A year like this doesn’t come without its costs. The wrong balance affects health and home. But at Casa de Knowledge Bird we’ve all come through the other side. Our eyes are open, our hearts are stronger and our minds are open for 2013.

All this is to say, don’t waste those moments.

When it comes to knowledge, if you make just one New Year’s resolution, make it this: don’t waste any interaction. There’s more gold in those moments than you realise.

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