A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base

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I’ve worked in IT roles for nearly 15 years. One thing that all those companies had was a knowledge base. But a knowledge base isn’t just useful for IT departments; it’s useful for every kind of business. A well maintained knowledge base saves you time and tears.

Documentation is the first thing you look for under stress, but it’s usually the last thing you want to spend time on. A good knowledge base makes the support process smoother and delegation easier.

A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base breaks down an overwhelming task into smaller, bite-sized chunks. I know that deep down, you know WHY a knowledge base is important to your business, but this guide will show you HOW to document your knowledge in a way that makes sense.

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A superbly written book that reminds you of the easy and simple way to do, what can be seen as, the hardest thing to get right. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

James Gander - Gander Service Management

A very well thought out book, neat and logical with all the necessary ingredients needed to obtain your goal. The book is an excellent combination of guidelines and tips, plus it draws one’s attention to the, minor, but often overlooked points of knowledge base creation. A very handy asset indeed.

Phil - Data Centre Manager

A great resource for anyone who is interested or involved in knowledge management. “A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base” offers a practical, logical guide that is full of useful tips and hard-won experience. Helpdesks, service desks, and any business that understands the value of knowledge will find this guide a worthy investment.

Rod Weir - Founder & Managing Director, PRD Software