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About Knowledge Bird


Recognised internationally, Aprill Allen has been a contributing author to industry publications, including VerISM and ITIL 4 Create Deliver and Support.


Knowledge Bird partners with other boutique firms bringing a knowledge management perspective to ITSM projects in corporate and government environments.


Aprill is an active member and past director of ITSMF Australia, a member of the AICD, and participates in a number of customer experience communities.

Helping Customer Success succeed.

Grounded and practical knowledge management advice for teams of all sizes

Like many of you, my career started in technical support. I’ve worked in customer-facing support teams, specialist escalation teams, corporate support functions; and I’ve been the single, remote customer support person.

Once or twice, I was under my desk crying from stress. Other times, there was so much repetition, I was out of my mind with boredom. In 2010, I found a way of working that empowered anyone in a problem-solving role to help customers be successful and productive with neither stress or boredom.

Small teams will get down-to earth advice and support that’s relevant to where you are on your journey to scaling support and service operations.

For service management teams in complex environments with competing demands, you’ll appreciate my pragmatic approach to improving outcomes with knowledge management in service delivery, preparing you for successful automation and more project delivery throughput.

Game changing with KCS.

Knowledge Centered ServiceⓇ has emerged as the industry’s best practice, providing profound benefits to teams, customers, and organisations.

I’m certified by The KCS Academy to deliver training in KCSⓇ and Intelligent Swarming℠ , and I created Keys to a Kickass Knowledge Base to help even the smallest teams realise some of those productivity gains, too.

Fewer problems

10% reduction in issues due to root cause removal

Quick Resolutions

60% improvement in time to resolve

Team retention

35% improved employee retention

Better training

70% improvement in training time

* From the KCS Practices Guide: Why KCS?

Based in Melbourne.

HQ in YBF Ventures, but travelling world-wide.