Apollo Takes Off

No, I’m not stuck in the 60s, I’m talking about the newest kid on the project management block, Apollo. Created by Italian software company, Applicom, Apollo has been billed as an alternative to Basecamp and Highrise. Indeed, it’s look-and-feel is not unlike a 37 Signals product, and the new-look Google, for that matter.

Launched to public beta last year, it was finally released officially on April 11, this year. Offering integrated project management and CRM in the one SaaS tool, the pricing is reasonably competitive but there’s no freemium product dragging me away from Basecamp, just yet. Apollo provides a free 30 day trial, though, and the Solo plan is $10 cheaper than the similarly provisioned Basecamp Basic plan. Tempted?

If you are, Applicom has you in their sights. They’ve built in an importer so you can drag your Basecamp and Highrise data straight into Apollo. Check out a few more screenshots from the Apollo site, or try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. And if you’re an Apollo user already, leave a comment with your insights.