Certified Knowledge Centered Service® Trainer

KCS® v6 Fundamentals online training

This interactive, online training is intended for service desk staff helping internal or external customers. It covers the basics and benefits of KCS, so you can improve program adoption and alignment across teams and locations. This 60-90 minute self-paced course is excellent preparation for the Fundamentals certification exam.

    • The Principles and Core Concepts of KCS
    • KCS benefits
    • The KCS Article and the process for creating one
    • How to do the KCS Solve Loop in the workflow and the value it creates
    • Leading versus lagging indicators of success
    • How the knowledge worker’s KCS performance is assessed

    • Understand of the basics and benefits of KCS
    • Gain confidence in integrating the KCS Solve Loop into your workflow
    • Improve productivity through the use of KCS
    • Engage or reengage knowledge workers in KCS activities
    • Improve productivity as a result of team understanding how KCS enables individual and business success
    • Increase adherence to KCS workflow and reduce variances
    • Alignment of KCS vocabulary and understanding across different teams/locations

    • KCS v6 Fundamentals online training, and bundled training with exam, can be purchased individually, or in bulk, directly from The KCS Academy.
    • Contact me for bundled pricing as a part of a KCS adoption or improvement program, or for an Unlimited Use license in your organisation.

KCS® v6 Practices workshop

This ~2 day thorough, instructor-led workshop is intended for those involved in a KCS adoption and their supervisors, consultants, and product managers of tools and technology that enable KCS practices. The optional certification exam may offered separately at the end of the workshop.

    • KCS Principles and Core Concepts
    • KCS Practices and techniques, and the reasons for adhering to them
    • How to adopt and sustain KCS
    • KCS measures and their evolution over time

    • Preparation to participate in the KCS Council
    • Gain experience making appropriate judgments based on a thorough understanding of KCS Principles and Core Concepts
    • Understand key KCS Practices and how KCS techniques may be appropriately modified to meet business goals
    • Ability to deal with objections to KCS
    • More consistent adoption of KCS throughout the organisation: alignment of KCS vocabulary and understanding across distributed teams/locations globally
    • Reduced time to obtain business benefits from KCS
    • Clear, measurable, consistent goals aligned between KCS and business goals
    • Engage high performers by recognising them appropriately for contributions
    • More effective communications with sponsor and management

    • The 2.5 day KCS v6 Practices workshop can be delivered onsite at your organisation, anywhere in Australia, to a maximum of 12 participants.
    • The certification exam is a separate cost of USD$450, and if purchased in advance, will be held at the conclusion of the workshop.

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