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How It Works.

For those new to leading customer success and support teams, I offer one-on-one coaching

With a coaching engagement, we agree on my committing to some inputs i.e. one hour each week or two hours every other week for a face-to-face session or call that focuses on helping you in your role as a customer success. In between times, we can connect on Slack or email for any ad hoc questions or issues, and for sharing links to resources.

What you'll get.

The outputs are any reference material I share with you and the notes I’ll keep, which we refer back to at the end of the month to reflect on progress and next goals. The deliverables are yours to identify, prioritise and facilitate, and I’ll be there to guide you while you find your feet.

Coaching will help you find confidence within the chaos of providing service at scale.

“In one conversation Aprill was able to help me prioritise some next steps that I now feel confident to move ahead with.”
Aaron Wallis – CTO, Lexer.