Stop wasting time answering the same questions

Knowledge underpins everything we do. Whether you have a small team or you’re inside a large organisation, to be customer-centred is to be knowledge-centred. It might seem impossible to deliver exceptional customer service without increasing operational costs. But it isn’t. Best practices in knowledge management can reduce training time for new hires, increase customer satisfaction, unlock opportunities for innovation, and just make the workload so much easier to get through.

Get more time back and make a lasting impact

Unlocking that time from repetitive work and wasted effort, means more time available for projects, deeper engagement and makes space for work that’s more interesting and challenging.

No one knows your business better than you do, but sometimes an outside perspective is needed to shake things up enough to rebuild more effectively, or simply to validate what you’re already doing. Knowledge Bird offers a range of services to help you grow, whether you’re a small team scaling up or an enterprise streamlining operations.

Services available



A one-on-one consultation to help you grow with knowledge management.

Activate Zendesk Guide

Launch your Zendesk Guide and stop leaving money on the table.

ServiceNow & KCS

Best practice training to reduce costs and deliver better service with KCS.

KM Health Check

An intensive review of existing workflows, culture and systems.

Good Guidance

Include knowledge management in your broader organisational change.

KCS – Adopt & Optimise

Expert training and guidance for launching and improving your KCS journey.

Knowledge Bird is a Victorian government e-Services supplier


Canberra-based boutique consultancy, Cordelta, has joined forces with Knowledge Bird in a collaborative agreement to help government and other large organisations reach challenging customer service targets.

Good Guidance is an Australia/New Zealand collaborative helping organisations with multi-dimensional challenges that include: service management, organisational change, knowledge management and operational excellence.

KM Strategy

Noelle Smit
COO, Teamgage

Aprill breaks KM down in a way that makes it achievable, with small steps. I think we all thought it was a big project we didn't have time for until your workshop.

Diagnostic Session

Juliet DeAmicis
Charity Services Specialist, GoFundMe

Being new to KCS, I was glad to stumble across Knowledge Bird who helped me understand how to implement a workflow using Zendesk at my company. By finding out about the Knowledge Capture app and clarifying some of the key principles of the KCS methodology, I’m now on a much clearer path on how to implement it and reap the benefits of this practice!

Diagnostic Session

Mary O'Regan
Customer Success Manager, Mentorloop

Aprill took the time to meet with our customer success team. We had a fantastic session and have come away with important areas for improvement and unique ideas we can use to enhance our processes. She’s an expert in her field and in an excellent position to help teams improve and develop their knowledge management.

Train the trainer & knowledge base review

Sam S
Director of Customer Success, EdSmart

We used the deck you started, and the support documents and processes you began. It’s been full-on to get this organised. We wouldn’t have made it, if we didn’t have your base.

Self-service review

Phil V
Founder & CEO, Klever Insight

We engaged Aprill for a high-profile project for a global enterprise. Not only did she handle the complex self-service portal assessment with a very short deadline with aplomb, she also delivered results across multiple continents without missing a beat.

KCS adoption

Andrew J
Chief Digital Officer, DDS IT

Aprill’s pragmatic approach has meant we could absorb a bunch of somewhat radical changes at an easy to manage pace. And her coaching has given us the encouragement and confidence to keep working at the areas we plan to improve over time.

Internal knowledge base

Ivan V.
Principal Developer

Aprill’s response to our challenge was encouraging. We were reassured by her recommendations, because we’d already moved towards centralising our knowledge assets. Now we’re confident in the direction we’re heading and we’ll be able to more easily onboard a number of new hires.

Customer success

Aaron Wallis
Founder & CTO, Lexer

In one conversation, Aprill was able to help me prioritise some next steps that I now feel confident to move ahead with.