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Using knowledge management to create value through problem solving

When you’re spread across a lot of stuff, dealing with backlogs, and trying to onboard new hires, it helps to bring in fresh eyes with outside perspective and validated good practices.

Solving problems in the service desk or in Customer Service & Success everyday can be interesting and gratifying, but it can also be difficult and demoralising, especially when we don’t get to work on anything new and we can’t find what we need when we need it. That’s where I can help you.

How We Can Help You.


Maintaining a good customer experience through scale is one of the biggest challenges for startups going through a growth stage. I can help you establish a framework for post-sales operations that improves the customer experience while accelerating new hire proficiency.

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Enterprise service delivery:

Ensuring consistency and quality of knowledge assets across teams is important to building confidence in services and preparing for automation and digital transformation. I can help you develop the competence and capability within your team to make that happen.

IT Operations:

Reducing cost of operations while deploying new projects is a significant and ongoing challenge for IT teams. I can show you how to centralise your support know-how, so you can leverage self-service more effectively, releasing more time for your engineers to work on new stuff.



Some projects are large and multi-faceted, with attention needed on organizational change, and other service management or business process improvements. Some projects require a focus on compliance and information management. Projects within government departments are often limited to approved service providers. Knowledge Bird partners with carefully selected boutique consulting firms to provide a full service relationship for those more complex needs.

I work with the Good Guidance team on larger scale improvements across Australia & New Zealand that need organisational change, service management expertise and lean leadership guidance.

Let’s talk today

Even if you aren’t quite sure what you need, let’s have a conversation, because I have a range of consulting options to suit your budget and your team’s availability.