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Adopt & optimise KCS

KCS is a journey that involves a lot of change. Sometimes it can feel as though you take two steps forward, only to take one step back. Then you move forward again.

Knowledge Bird provides the understanding you need to build motivation in your team and the momentum to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when things seems to go slow or in the wrong direction.

A KCS adoption begins with a review of your current practices, conversations with your team to grow awareness and interest, followed by training and some facilitation for mapping out your journey and getting you on your way.

KCS adoption path


If you’re further down the KCS path, you might be ready to expand your knowledge management program and involve more people in your KCS practices. Contact Knowledge Bird about hosting any of the following workshops for your organisation.

2-day workshop

Supports first and second line managers as they adapt to the new ways of measurement and management that KCS needs.

2-day workshop

Helps subject matter experts understand patterns and trends in the knowledge base so they can better evolve the content in their domain.

2-day workshop

For individuals in a coaching role to learn skills and techniques needed to encourage, inspire and support change.

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