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Find out where knowledge is getting lost


Review knowledge management systems

Most teams end up with knowledge stored across multiple apps and storage. Some are maintained and some have been left to become outdated and unusable. When it’s hard to find answers, people end up relying on a few individuals and the knowledge in their heads. That’s risky and impractical. A KM Health Check will show you how people are engaging with existing tools and systems, so you can establish workflows that drive consistent responses and increase confidence.

Understand collaboration health

Team culture and strong leadership are important for the ongoing success of any knowledge management improvement program.

A KM Health Check will assess how well teams work together and provide insight into how you can build on the good and nudge the rest into the right direction.

KM health check collaboration
KM Health check

Make a plan

Knowing where you are now is the best way to start on a knowledge management improvement plan. Knowledge Bird will conduct a series of interviews with you and your team, and assess any existing governance and process documentation as part of the KM Health Check. We’ll them get back together with you and your team to review what we discovered and make a plan to get your knowledge moving.

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