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Increase success with ServiceNow and KCS

ServiceNow and KCS

Still not seeing the reduction in operating costs that you were expecting from self-service?

Since the Orlando release of ServiceNow, the knowledge management functionality has been designed to enable Knowledge Centered Service (KCS).

The Knowledge Management Process Guide describes how the features are expected to work, but it doesn’t help you get your team coordinated around knowledge capture and reuse, and these are the behaviours that drive your operational costs down.

KCS improves self-service outcomes

A mature KCS practice delivers an average success rate of 70-85% to customers searching for help. That’s almost 40% higher than the industry average.

KCS reduces team churn

One of the biggest challenges in a high-volume service environment is the risk of burnout and the subsequent costs of training new hires. KCS doesn’t just produce a knowledge base that becomes just-in-time training for those new people. This proven best practice also engages employees by developing their expertise, removing repetitive work, and aligning their daily activities with the bigger goals of the organisation. 67% of employees today are disengaged. You can turn that around by using ServiceNow and KCS effectively.

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