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Zendesk Guide could be saving you money

Improved operational efficiencies—when customer service staff have a knowledge base to refer to, they can answer questions and solve problems more quickly. When much of that knowledge is made available to customers through self-service, team members have more capacity for tougher problems and new projects.

Just-in-time training—the knowledge base can be an effective training tool for new people, so that can be confident and proficient more quickly, reducing the costs of onboarding new hires.

Identify high-impact improvements—by analysing knowledge article reuse, recurring issues can be identified and permanently resolved.

Reduce duplicate effort—when team members use the knowledge base as their first go-to, they recognise similar issues more quickly and can reuse that work, rather than starting over.

Self-service makes money

Your knowledge base is not a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.

70% of customers expect a company’s website to have a self-service channel.

Many customers prefer self-service to other forms of help, and certainly to having to make a phone call.


*GST not included

Zendesk and KCS

The right expertise

Knowledge Bird
Validate your knowledge process
  • 60 minute call with Knowledge Bird
  • Walk through of self-service challenges, business goals and objectives
  • Lightbulb moments to inform changes to your way of working
  • Best practice resources and further learning curated for your needs
Optimise configuration
  • 60 minute concierge onboarding service from SuccessCX.
  • Walk through of requirements for your customer-facing help centre and internal knowledge base, including functionality and branding
  • Customised advice on how to move forward with knowledge management & extend your Zendesk Guide functionality even further
Guide to Zendesk

Outcomes you can expect

  • Gain confidence and third-party expert validation on the current state of your knowledge management
  • Clarity on the next steps and opportunities for improving knowledge sharing workflows
  • Extracting more value from your Zendesk investment by enabling customers to self-serve and improving the capacity and productivity of your help desk

Diagnostic Session

Juliet DeAmicis
Charity Services Specialist, GoFundMe

Being new to KCS, I was glad to stumble across Knowledge Bird who helped me understand how to implement a workflow using Zendesk at my company. By finding out about the Knowledge Capture app and clarifying some of the key principles of the KCS methodology, I’m now on a much clearer path on how to implement it and reap the benefits of this practice!