Customer success

I fix your playbook

According to Forbes, 90% of startups will fail.

If you’re the founder of a growing startup, you can’t afford to ignore the boring stuff that starts to build up once you get to 40+ staff. Fast and loose will get you by, (for a while), but a custom playbook will make you fly.

I can distil core processes from your existing procedures and people, and help you get more from your back office systems. When those boring business processes are scalable and sustainable, your customer success and sales teams will have the tools they need to get your startup across the chasm.

I came to Aprill for some guidance about our customer success plans. In one conversation she was able to tease out and help me prioritise some next steps that I now feel confident to move ahead with. Thanks for the clarity!

Aaron Wallis - Founder & CTO, Lexer