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EdSmart is an enterprise solution for school administration that streamlines workflows and relationship management. With a large-scale implementation coming up in a few months, EdSmart’s customer success team needed to prepare a technology partner to take over implementation and the training and support of hundreds of end-users.

Knowing their own product inside-out, the EdSmart team were keen to have an objective outsider assess existing documentation and support materials with the aim of developing a train-the-trainer package, including workshop exercises and agenda. Aprill’s expertise was also sought for guidance on the knowledge base architecture that would be shared between EdSmart and the partner.

After receiving a product demonstration and navigating through existing content in multiple Confluence knowledge bases, Aprill was able to identify some opportunities for clarification and advise on a knowledge base structure that would be scalable and more easily maintained by reducing duplicate sources. She also project managed the development of a training deck, that became the framework for additional training material.

We used the deck you started, and the support documents and processes you began. It’s been full-on to get this organised. We wouldn’t have made it, if we didn’t have your base.

Sam Sapuppo - Director, Customer Success
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