Establishing good habits

A knowledge management program is a change management program, and lasting behaviour change needs rewired routines. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reinforce new behaviours is to make those expectations visible with posters in the work area. The Consortium for Service Innovation was smart enough to develop simple and memorable statements to help practitioners remember the activities most critical to the Knowledge Centered Support methodology.

Knowledge Centered Service doesn’t have a big following in Australia, yet, but it’s well-known in IT service management circles, and it’s perfectly suited to support environments like call centres and IT help desks. But KCS is in no way limited to those applications and the fundamental techniques are just good habits for all knowledge workers.

Search early, search often

Most of the time, the answer to any question you have already exists in your organisation or in your knowledge base (if you have one). Search first, so that you can understand what you already collectively know.

Reuse is review

Every time you reuse an existing knowledge asset, review it and improve it. The best thing about KCS is that it’s demand-driven maintenance, and means you aren’t wasting effort on maintenance overhead where it doesn’t add value.

Capture the customer’s context

This is a friendly reminder that the most searchable and reusable knowledge articles are those that are written in the customer’s words. The way a customer sees and phrases a problem is different from the way a knowledgeable person describes it. By using the customer’s words and context you can push that knowledge towards customer self-service, and that’s where you get your time back for interesting and less-repetitive work.

Download these PDF posters to help set good habits in your team.


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