Hivemine’s AskMe Cloud launched

US company Hivemine have been addressing the need for business-ready social media tools built on a knowledge management foundation for a little while now. AskMe has already been available as an add-on for Outlook and Sharepoint, and as a web app with collaboration capabilities, and this week Hivemine launched a beta program for AskMe Cloud.

From the press release:

The AskMe Cloud beta program offers organizations or workgroups with 25-100 users the opportunity to use AskMe at no cost and with no obligation for 60-90 days.

Beta program participants will be given access to the AskMe portal, a full feature Web application that includes advanced user profile management, content mining, community discussion boards, social publishing (FAQ’s, Best Practices, Announcements, Documents, Blogs, Q & A), social feedback and rating, and a business rules engine.

Following the completion of the beta program, participants will be asked to provide feedback on their experience, and have the opportunity to continue to use AskMe Cloud on a subscription basis.

According to the Hivemine website, AskMe solves:

1. Expertise identification – AskMe finds the right experts through advanced search and unique auto-profiling capabilities.
2. Knowledge erosion – AskMe transforms ad hoc interactions into structured assets to minimize the effects of ‘brain drain’.
3. Employee disconnect – AskMe’s powerful engagement tools and community-based structure keep people connected across organizational and geographic boundaries.

It sounds like a really great tool for managing functional divides and knowledge silos, though I’ve never seen it in action. Have you used it? Get in touch if you’d like to review it on KnowledgeBird or leave your opinion in the comments.