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Investing in knowledge work

I focus on early-stage companies solving persistent enterprise problems with seed-stage cheques of AUD$10-15k. The best founders have experienced these problem themselves and want to bring innovation to those still suffering with janky workflows and soul-crushing barriers.

Today’s knowledge workers deserve the kind of user-experience their customers have been enjoying for years, already.

Why I invested

Mentoring is a great way to transfer niche know-how and build employee engagement. Organisations have had to rely on manual matching, spreadsheets and self-motivated individuals in the past. Mentorloop takes all that administration headache away and plans to make mentoring mainstream.

Intalayer inv

Customer support and success teams have struggled for a long time to get a seat at the product management table, but Intalayer is working to make that a normal part of product delivery. Knowledge Centered Service is one way to demonstrate demand through the patterns and trends of reuse of self-service articles, but it takes a long time to build up that evidence. Intalayer shortcuts that by integrating help desk platforms with Jira.

hava inv

IT Ops need to have a current view of network and infrastructure to be able to react quickly to incidents and respond to change. Relying on memory and outdated Visio diagrams is problematic. Hava provides automated and interactive diagrams of cloud and network infrastructure, capturing changes, identifying vulnerabilities and avoiding bill shock.