IT Consultancy

I’ll bring the squishy stuff


For an IT consultancy, service management is reputation management, and there’s nothing more disheartening, when you’ve been the steward of your client’s major transformation, than to see your good work fall over down the track. It’s the squishy stuff that’ll let you down, because it takes time that your client doesn’t have; creativity that’s uncommon to technical expertise; and consistent messaging that your client needs to understand.

I’m an experienced content marketer and IT operations practitioner. It’s a weird combination that makes me uniquely suited to helping your technical team deliver change that sticks.

We love working with Aprill. Rather annoyingly, she makes writing, connecting and communicating look effortless.

Martin Thompson - ITAM Review

Aprill was the expert contributor to a strategic plan proposing a bespoke IT operations model. She understood, and was able to clearly communicate, the central role that Knowledge Centred Service, in particular, would have in this model and for my client.

James Gander - Gander Service Management