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Keys to a Kickass Knowledge Base

Self-paced learning.

Modules available individually or as a bundle

What you'll learn

  • How to set the right strategy and culture, so your team takes ownership of the knowledge base.
  • How to write & improve articles, so they’re findable in self-service and can be presented by a chatbot with minimal effort.
  • How to optimise self-service, so customers know it’s available and keep coming back.
  • How to measure success, so you can demonstrate what’s working and know what needs improving over time.

What you get

  • Access to 20 years’ experience with knowledge management in customer operations
  • Worksheets to help you plan for kickass self-service
  • Facilitation tips for running a strategy workshop
  • Tasks to help you work through requirements and improvements
  • Links to further resources on topics throughout the material
  • Extra guidance from me, anytime you need it
Ramy Customer review


Founder, Screenjar

If you’re looking to make your self-service knowledge base way more effective, you need to read this. It doesn’t take long to get through, but is packed with actionable steps and some great examples.


Gavin Hedrick
ICT Change Manager, SA Health

Kickass KB has given us a lot to think about changing, already.


Mike Edyejones
IT Operations Manager, Fusion Professionals

The lessons are short and easy to read, and there are valuable insights from the first booklet.


Dave O'Reardon
Founder, CIO Pulse

I don't know anyone that knows more about IT knowledge management than Aprill Allen. There's guidance in here that I refer back to all the time.