You’ve spent a lot of time writing knowledge articles that aren’t being used. Your self-service doesn’t seem to provide much service. Customers can’t find it; your team don’t update it.
This course covers what you need to know to make your knowledge base the valuable asset it could be.

This is a 6-week program developed for new customer service leaders. 12 lessons will take you through steps to prepare your team for change, improve your workflow and optimise your customer support Help Centre.

What you’ll learn

  • How to set the right strategy and culture, so your team keeps working the way you need them to.
  • How to write & improve articles, so they’re findable and can be presented by a chatbot without extra effort.
  • How to optimise self-service, so customers know it’s available.
  • How to measure success, so you know what needs improving.


2 lessons a week for 6 weeks, straight into your inbox—includes worksheets, facilitation tips, tasks and interaction with me throughout your course—all for just $297 USD.

Even if you are not a team leader, you can still do this course.

Not all leaders have the job title to match! If you can influence those you work with, you can certainly work through this course with your team mates.

Even if your team is remote, you can still do this course.

My facilitation guidance is designed so you can lead your team from the whiteboard or a team chat.

Even if you haven’t got a knowledge base yet, you can still do this course.

This course is less about the technology and more about learning an agile way of creating and maintaining knowledge from support and service interactions.

I’ve worked in support and operations for years and have been an independent consultant for nearly a decade. As Managing Director of Knowledge Bird, I help startups, scale-ups and enterprise teams improve their customer service workflows and self-service knowledge bases, so they can get on with growing the business and delivering projects.

I’ve condensed what I’ve come to believe are the absolute essentials for small teams to be successful with self-service. You’ll get 12 bite-sized lessons and facilitation guidance to help you lead your team to improve ticket deflection and customer satisfaction.

How it works

Click the Start Now button to sign up and you’ll get a welcome email straight away. A new 6-week program starts at the beginning of each week (Tuesday in Australia), so depending on the day you sign up you might get your first lesson the following week.

The time in between each lesson gives you the opportunity to gather info, complete tasks and build enthusiasm and support for the improvement.

Each lesson includes something for you to do with your team: downloadable worksheets and facilitation tips for leading your own workshops, tasks to complete with your team, and interaction with me throughout your course any time you need it.

It’s the next best thing to having me turn up and run a workshop for you—all for just $297 USD.