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Knowledge12 underway

ServiceNow’s Knowledge12 event is well and truly underway, and it’s not even officially opened yet. The number of people here is staggering. That’s just the people that have been here for pre-conference training. The rest of the delegates will have been arriving today in time for tomorrow’s opening breakfast. Two thousand people are expected to attend.

The first open, scheduled event was today’s Vertical Networking do. Was that a directive not to be horizontal?, I wondered. But no, it simply means mingling with those who work in the same line of business. As an independent, though, I ended up finding my way to a bunch of misfits on the “Other” vertical.

I did spend a little time in the “technology” vertical and listened to the people from one company talk about the problems they face with cultural adoption of knowledge management. Well, ain’t that everyone’s problem? And that’s why I’m here—to talk about why we should have a knowledge base, how to start one, and how to work with the culture.

Maybe I’ll see you there Wednesday morning.

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