Knowledge management for community success

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KM for community success

This brief paper gives you the information you need that could convince your customer success and support leadership to build that bridge between community management and knowledge management.

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The more configurable a product is, or if it can be used in a bunch of different contexts, the more likely it is that your customers will want to talk to each other and share ideas. Maybe you’re already seeing that happen on Slack or in your own discussion forums that you’ve made available. Lots of valuable discussions end up happening, over time, and with enough activity and encouragement, customers may even start solving each other’s problems.

It’s far too common that the knowledge base generated by the customer community and the knowledge base created and maintained by a customer service and support group end up living on two separate islands with nothing in between.

Imagine if your community knowledge and your organisational knowledge could join forces to solve more problems, more effectively and tap into the innovative ways customers are engaging with your product?

Tell your customer success and support leaders:

  • the benefits of good knowledge management to customer communities and enterprise social networks;
  • the common mistakes; and,
  • links to more resources on knowledge management for customer success and community support.