NSW KM Forum — 28 Feb

I came up to Sydney on Tuesday to attend my first NSW KM Forum evening. These events are held on the last Tuesday of each month, only go for around two hours and have been running for about six years. If you’re a knowledge wonk, it’s a great little networking opportunity. If you’re interested in knowledge management and are trying to improve it in your organisation, it’s well worth attending. The forum members are from a wide range of industries and all willing to share with and learn from others. The speakers each had a terrific case study to share and if you click through the link above, you can find out details and bios.

The first presentation involved the introduction of a mentoring program into the NSW Legislative Assembly. It’s already proven successful with other parliamentary departments interested in being included. The considered matching of mentors and mentees, along with the formalised mentoring process and outcomes being included in staff performance reviews, appears to be working well, so far. Maybe there’s an element of good luck from recent changes in management culture, but if a staid and traditional establishment such as parliament can adopt a radical new approach to sharing their corporate knowledge, any institution could do the same.

The second presentation was about the enterprise-wide implementation of a new KM solution into an IT software vendor with 5000 support agents and 25 million customers. The key take away from that, when implementing a large company-wide transformation, is to involve someone with decision-making authority from each business unit and to address all showstopper concerns, one by one. It was a really fascinating case study and I hope it appears again, somewhere.

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