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Validate knowledge management plans.

Business Objective

Cogent are a leading Melbourne-based product consultancy, working with startups through to large tech businesses to create amazing digital products that users love. Having experienced significant growth, they have been working on creating more scalable ways to get work done.

The Challenge

The fast-growing organisation was using various tools and technologies for capturing, storing and reusing knowledge. They recognised that this needed to be reviewed to create workflows and a more streamlined approach that would enable them to keep growing. As a distributed workforce who are often embedded on customer sites for weeks or months at a time, this needed to be considered when designing and communicating new ways of working.

Delivering the Solution

Cogent engaged Knowledge Bird for a Diagnostic session. The one-hour meeting with senior leaders explored the current environment—which content management and communication systems were currently in place, how people worked—and the goals of the work that had been done, so far.

Knowledge Bird provided positive confirmation of steps that had already been taken to simplify the document storage landscape and identified some opportunities to better integrate existing platforms to power a distributed team. 

The Business Outcomes

We’d experienced quite rapid growth, and over time everyone had developed different ways of creating and storing documents. We recognised that we needed a more systemised approach to make it much easier for our current staff to find documents, but also to make it simpler for new staff as we continued to grow.

Aprill’s response to our challenge was encouraging. We were reassured by her recommendations, because we’d already moved towards centralising our knowledge assets. Now we’re confident in the direction we’re heading and we’ll be able to more easily onboard a number of new hires.”

Ivan Vysotskiy – Principal Developer