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New IT operating model.

Business Objective

Auckland-based managed services provider, DDS IT, saw an opportunity to stand out in a crowded marketplace by redesigning their IT operating model with knowledge management at its core.

The Challenge

  • The new model represented a raft of changes to systems and behaviours.
  • The changes had to accommodate a newly-constructed remote workforce.

Delivering the Solution

As the principal consultant, Gander Service Management engaged Knowledge Bird to contribute the knowledge management piece of a much broader program of work. Knowledge Centered Service was identified as the necessary central methodology for DDS IT to rebuild their operating model around. 

Given the broad scope of the changes team members would need to embrace, KCS training was delivered to a few members of the cross-functional project leadership group and followed up with one-on-one coaching with Aprill Allen. 

The Business Outcomes

“Just before we signed off on this ambitious project to change how we worked, we invested in an AI platform to automate some of our service desk activity, so the focus on knowledge management came at just the right time.”

“Our increased awareness of KCS has changed the way we think about our knowledge base—a previously underutilised resource. We know we have a long way to go, but Aprill’s pragmatic approach has meant we could absorb a bunch of somewhat radical changes at an easy to manage pace. And her coaching has given us the encouragement and confidence to keep working at the areas we plan to improve over time.”

Andrew Jurgens, Chief Digital Officer