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Streamline knowledge flow.

Business Objective

Teamgage is a team engagement platform with headquarters in Adelaide, Australia. Having experienced continued growth, and with key personnel soon to be on extended leave, they saw the opportunity to address the need for some consistent internal documentation practices and streamlined knowledge sharing workflows that included team members and customers.

The Challenge

Like many growing startups, Teamgage was starting to see inefficiencies and missed opportunities due to lack of KM practice. Founders and early team members needed to start transferring knowledge from within their own heads into a centralised place with an agreed way of working. Areas needing particular attention included sales enablement—for example, producing and providing case studies—and preparing support and success teams for a new CRM by committing time and attention to the knowledge base functionality in advance of offering a self-service channel with chat-bot automation.

Delivering the Solution

Knowledge Bird facilitated a half-day online workshop for the sales and support teams to enable their distributed team to participate together. We opened the session with a brief presentation to set the scene and describe what better knowledge management could look like at Teamgage, before breaking out into separate MS Teams rooms to address challenges specific to the sales and support teams, respectively. During those few hours, we were able to reveal and discuss existing gaps and wishlist items; challenge current workflows and decide single sources of truth; and prioritise next actions.

The Business Outcomes

The biggest revelation, for me, was realising that we can get started now with what we have. Aprill helped us see that we already have some completely achievable steps to take, and that we don’t need to wait for future platform changes or spend time creating lengthy docs when bullet points are more appropriate.”

Damian Reed – Customer Success and Support Manager


“Getting the customer teams together for a discussion about how we get stuff done here at Teamgage was a valuable use of time. We knew that different teams had different systems, but when we discussed why that was the case, we could see where we were able to streamline and standardise; and then share our own best practices to the rest of the company.
Aprill also helped the teams see the value and efficiency that could be created by improving our KM practices so they were self-motivated to carry this forward.”

Ben Smit – CEO