|    |  Scaling customer operations

Re-engineering processes for scale.

Business Objective

Qsic enhances the in-store experience for retail customers. With Qsic’s curation and platform, retailers can open up new opportunities and discover actionable insights. The team have reached a point where some processes could be re-engineered to more easily scale in response to new multi-store customer accounts coming onboard.

The Challenge

Common perils of scale include internal communications getting lost and ad hoc customer operations workflows becoming unstable. No executive team sets out for these things to happen, and Qsic’s early decisions about how to manage the customer onboarding process were no longer workable at scale, so we needed to open the conversation up across the organisation to find a new way forward.

Delivering the Solution

As a growing startup, scale is an exciting opportunity but with unknown pain points. Knowing this, Qsic secured Aprill and Knowledge Bird to run a company-wide scaling workshop, onsite at the company headquarters in Melbourne.

The workshop, designed by Aprill, was to help identify and remove blockers, increase visibility and ensure the team were set up for improving processes for knowledge sharing, communication and alignment to achieve great outcomes for Qsic’s customers and the company.

The Business Outcomes

“Aprill’s work with us delivered real ‘aha’ moments, instigated honest conversations and provided insights that were welcomed across the company. It also highlighted some really great work that needs to be done across the board. We have a clear roadmap now on how we are going to lead our scaling activities across the company.
We are also looking forward to having Aprill back to facilitate the two day KCS workshop in the coming months – why do it alone when you can learn from an expert? Qsic would recommend Knowledge Bird to startups, scale ups and anyone looking to use their knowledge better to succeed.”

Alex Lewis – Chief of Staff


“Thank you for your time and expertise for our session! We’re all energized to improve our process and you definitely generated meaningful conversations across the departments.”

Todd Watson – Head of Content