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Categorising knowledge

Don’t get too granular straight away. It’s like going to a restaurant with a menu full of acceptable choices—it’s too hard to decide and you end up with the parmigiana.

‘General’ or ‘miscellaneous’ is the parmigiana of knowledge base categories.

Your email can save your bacon

So many people hate spam (rightly so) and their growing inboxes. I often hear claims from people who have deleted everything in there just to achieve Inbox: Zero status. If this is you, you could be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

My methods may make me seem like a hoarder, but it certainly isn’t clutter. Maybe you can adapt what I do into your process for handling email.

Knowledge 2.0 – Social Media Policy and Process Tips

If you aren’t already on the social media bus, you’re probably thinking about it. If you are using social media as a tool for your business, are you using it effectively?

Web 2.0 is the term given to web-based apps that encourage information sharing, such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and so on. Let’s take Twitter, for example. If you’re proactive in monitoring user experience and managing complaints, Twitter can become a valid mechanism of your service management model, just like the telephone, email and other customer contact methods. Social media gives you a way to access the conversations your user community is having, simply by searching for your product or business name. If they’re complaining or sharing ideas and you’re listening, you have a chance to fix those things or build on those ideas. I like to call it Knowledge 2.0.

Thoughts from my first itSMF National Conference

Last week’s trans-continental junket to Perth for the Australian itSMF National Conference was well worth the time, effort and cost. Quite apart from the award, it was wonderful to meet some great people who were kind enough to give me career-related tips and advice; and who made me feel like one of the bunch, even though it was my first itSMF conference. Isn’t it interesting that a room full of IT professionals can get together and share information with each other but transferring knowledge within our own organisations is still so difficult?

The Knowledge Bird wins Whitepaper of the Year

Wow. I’m so excited tonight to have received the award for Whitepaper of the Year from the itSMF Australia. The IT industry seems to be crying out for practical help with communication. And really, a knowledge base is just an organised form of communication. If you’re looking for a copy, you’ll find it here, but I’m sure itSMF members will have access to it through their normal channels.

The Australian national itSMF conference has certainly been worth the trek across the country. Some great sessions with compelling content. I plan to share my thoughts on what I’ve heard over the coming days.

itSMF Australia National Conference 2011

The IT Service Management Forum is the only internationally recognised and independent organisation dedicated to ITSM. The Australian chapter is holding it’s national conference in Perth, 17-19 August, and I’m proud to say A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base has been nominated in the 2011 Whitepaper Competition.

Apollo Takes Off

Created by Italian software company, Applicom, Apollo has been billed as an alternative to Basecamp and Highrise. Indeed, it’s look-and-feel is not unlike a 37 Signals product, and the new-look Google, for that matter.

Running a Business with Basecamp’s Free Trial

As a freelancer, I have been using the Basecamp’s online project management tool for quite. I’ve been a contractor with a login to clients’ paid versions and I’ve been running my own free trial version quite successfully. Together with Highrise, it’s a good little knowledge management system. If I’m disciplined enough to document my quoting, processes and milestones, it’s less stuff clogging up my head when I switch off the computer.

HelpMaster Pro Exhibits at CeBit

CeBIT Australia 2011 was held in Sydney last week. I went along on the last day of the exhibition to catch up with the HelpMaster guys on the PRD Software stand. It was their first time as an exhibitor at CeBIT and they were certainly busy the whole three days. Fielding lots of interest from people looking for CRM and service desk solutions, they took the opportunity to demo HelpMaster Pro’s newest version.

Read PRD’s software recap of the day here.

Your Intranet is a Living Thing

Your intranet is a constantly evolving thing. It’s not something that you can set and forget. As your business and processes change, the information on your intranet will most likely need updating to reflect those changes. Ongoing updates to information and functionality keep it a relevant and effective tool in your organisation.
There are a few things you can do to keep your intranet alive and well.