In defence of forums

When I put “forums are” into Google, the first options that come up are: “dead”, “stupid”, “full of idiots”, and “a waste of time”. Granted, many of those are sensationalist titles for posts refuting exactly those things. Though the idiots are indeed plenty, online forums themselves are far from dead. Modelled on bulletin boards …

Why You Should Open Up Support to Your User Community

Do you know you have a ready-made community of practice that could be sharing knowledge amongst each other about your product or service? They might be talking in person, but it’s likely they occasionally talk to each other on Facebook or Twitter, as well. When groups of people get together to talk about your …

KM Australia Congress 2012—An interview with LEGO’s Signe Lønholdt

Signe Lønholdt is the Online Community Editor for LEGO. She’s making the long-haul journey out for KM Australia Congress in a few weeks. I can appreciate what an epic trip that is. We took a family holiday to Europe last year, and LEGOland in Billund, Denmark, was on our itinerary. Perhaps that means I’ve saved the best interview till last, but Chandi Kapur’s and Felicity McNish’s were just as interesting and I look forward to meeting each of them at Congress in Sydney. Signe will be presenting on day one, as well, with “Building Social Value in LEGO, Brick by Brick”.