itSMF Knowledge Café

Last week, the NSW branch of the itSMF held a knowledge café for the first special interest group session of 2013. Paul Bodie and I facilitated the session together with a group of 18-or-so service management professionals. We explored both the Gurteen approach to knowledge cafés and the original version that was developed in …

Types of knowledge

I’ve always found the academic discussions that nitpick over the definitions of tacit and implicit knowledge to be irritating, but just for the record, here’s what they mean:

Tacit – this is the knowledge in our heads that is made up from experience and personal contexts. It’s not written down and is hard to articulate. …

Knowledge Cafés and Cultural Variances

I’ve been nursing an addiction to LinkedIn groups—itSMF and knowledge management groups, in particular. One term that’s been coming up a lot is knowledge café. A knowledge café is a facilitated workshop, occurring in the workplace, that assists in a sort-of goal-oriented conversation. Conversations we could have at work with the intention of sharing knowledge and building on our professional relationships. David Gurteen is a well-known facilitator of knowledge cafés around the world.