The SKMS: elusive or unattainable?

The service knowledge management system (SKMS) is how ITIL describes all the knowledge and information that relates to IT’s provision of services. In this webinar, recorded last week, Rob England, Attivio CTO Sid Probstein, and I talk about knowledge management with Matt Hooper, and we explore some of the barriers we’ve come across in IT.

Despite a feeling that we might be all doomed to repeat ourselves, on several levels, I remain hopeful. Knowledge management sessions at the conferences and seminars that I’ve attended in the past 18 months have all attracted large numbers. The interest is clearly there, but so is the cultural chasm.

And what of ITIL’s SKMS? When it calls for a configuration management database to be a part of that ecosystem, is it destined for the bottom of an ever-growing to-do list? Listen to our conversation, have one with your colleagues, and then come back and tell me what you think.

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