This revolution will be televised

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Just when I thought this year’s speaking topic had been retired, I am back like John Farnham. (Australians will understand that reference.)

The conference industry is about to be disrupted; as if social media wasn’t enough. IT conferences have traditionally been the purview of managers, CxOs and others with corporate memberships. They’re expensive, and often involve travel and accommodation to boot. All that is about to change.

Starting on the 5th December at 10am Auckland, NZ time, the world’s first online IT conference will begin, following the sun with 8 speakers in Australasia, 8 speakers in EMEA, and 8 speakers in the US. Here’s the full breakdown.

It’s free, streamed live to YouTube via Google hangout and doesn’t even require registration. (Unless you’d like to be informed of event news via email. Do that here.)

You’ll be able to interact and contribute to sessions just like a regular, in-person event.

I’m honoured and excited to be taking part in such a ground-breaking event along with some fantastic speakers including Amber Case, Karen Ferris, Rob England, Matthew Hooper, and more. For a reminder of what I’ll be speaking about check my events page. This is an opportunity for those practitioners in the hot seats to get their hands on the kind of thought-provoking and useful information that has only ever been available to those with a couple of thousand dollars to spare.

After all, just about all of us are working in some form of IT these days; we should ALL be able to access the content that helps us do better at it.

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