KCS v6 Practices.

KCS produces profound benefits by improving operational efficiency and organisational learning. For most organisations, KCS is hard to implement because success requires changing how we think about people, process, and measurements.

KCS is ideal for high-volume service environments and is suitable for customer success teams, contact centres, customer support, service delivery, IT operations, HR & facilities, and enterprise service desks.

Upcoming public workshops

More information and registration via ALC Training.

07-08 Nov 2019 Melbourne
13-14 Nov 2019 Sydney
20-21 Nov 2019 Canberra
03-04 Dec 2019 Brisbane

Intelligent Swarming Insights.

Sometimes called collaboration on steroids or Agile Collaboration, the Intelligent Swarming methodology is a new way to align resources to work.

It involves removing the tiers of support and, when appropriate, calling on the collective expertise of a “swarm” of analysts.
Intelligent Swarming Insights is a one day workshop which covers:

An introduction to the concepts and core principles.

A summary of case studies and lessons learned from early adopters.

Is it a good fit for your organisation? Key enablers and adoption considerations.

On-site training.

The following workshops can be delivered on-site and tailored to suit your organisation. Contact now for details and pricing.

KCS v6 Overview (1 day)

KCS v6 Practices (1.5, 2, or 2.5-day)

KCS v6 Leadership (2 days)

KCS v6 Design Session (2 days)

Intelligent Swarming Insights (1 day)

Aprill Allen has been certified by The KCS Academy and the Consortium for Service Innovation to deliver KCS v6 Practices workshops, KCS Leadership workshops, KCS Design sessions, and Intelligent Swarming Insights workshops.