KCS v6 Practices.

KCS produces profound benefits by improving operational efficiency and organisational learning. For most organisations, KCS is hard to implement because success requires changing how we think about people, process, and measurements.

KCS is ideal for high-volume service environments and is suitable for customer success teams, contact centres, customer support, service delivery, IT operations, HR & facilities, and enterprise service desks.


09 Nov. 2021
November 9 - November 10, Nov 9, 2021

Intelligent Swarming Insights.

Intelligent Swarming ℠ is a collaboration-based model where support issues go to the most appropriate people or teams, rather than escalating cases only to have them bounce back and forth. Other specialists opt-in to join swarms, as needed. The model reduces frustration for customers and develops expertise in team members.

Often, engineers are already collaborating, but with a few extra steps can be make significant impacts in complex technical environments.

The instructor-led Intelligent Swarming workshop provides:

  • An explanation of the principles
  • A summary of case studies, benefits and lessons learned from the early adopters
  • Details on the qualification criteria: swarming is not for everybody
  • Insight to the critical key enablers
  • 7 scenarios to consider in designing the process
  • Tool functionality and integration requirements

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Intelligent Swarming℠ is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

26 Oct. 2021
October 26 - October 26, Oct 26, 2021

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, live online

Knowledge manager, Deloitte

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It was well designed, well presented and supported with excellent materials. It inspired me to learn more about KCS, take my examination, and to share my learning - which challenged my understanding of what knowledge management can be, with my colleagues.

Intelligent Swarming Insights, live online

Knowledge management consultant

Great overview of Intelligent Swarming, with excellent examples of how it has been implemented in different organizations and lessons learned. Those examples are supported by great research into team dynamics, motivating agents and why this way to customer and employee excellence can be achieved.

Intelligent Swarming Insights, live online

APAC Support Manager, Active Campaign

This workshop was very helpful in allowing me to understand the concept of swarm, but also in allowing me to understand considerations before launching this with my teams.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, live online

Team Lead, Service Desk

I wanted to thank you personally for a great three days. Adopting KCS is going to have a significant impact on our culture. It will make our organisation a more engaging place to work and enable us to provide a more consistent level of service to our customers.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, live online

Team lead, Cenitex

Session was very helpful and useful for me.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, live online

Louise R
Internal communications, Cenitex

Good pace. Despite being new ideas for our organisation, it was explained clearly and all made sense. Lots to think about! Who thought Knowledge Management could be so interesting! Thanks Aprill.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, Sydney

Project manager

Thanks for another great course. Great content delivered in a well presented and easily understood format.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, Sydney

Federal Courts

Excellent course material and trainer. Would definitely recommend this course to my team.

KCSv6 Practices Workshop, Sydney

Service Improvement Specialist

Great content delivered in a well presented and easily understood format.

Aprill Allen has been certified by The KCS Academy and the Consortium for Service Innovation to deliver KCS v6 Practices workshops, KCS Leadership workshops, KCS Design sessions, and Intelligent Swarming Insights workshops.