Your Intranet is a Living Thing

Diagram of the Intranet Iceberg

Are you getting the most out of your intranet?

Your intranet is a constantly evolving thing. It’s not something that you can set and forget. As your business and processes change, the information on your intranet will most likely need updating to reflect those changes. Ongoing updates to information and functionality keep it a relevant and effective tool in your organisation.
There are a few things you can do to keep your intranet alive and well. Seek feedback from colleagues, encourage sharing between departments, review the content regularly for readability, and monitor the usage to make sure it stays on track with business strategies.

Is your intranet looking a little lacklustre?

Maybe these suggestions will help.

Should Haves

  • The company mission statement
  • A glossary of standard terms and acronyms used in your business, department, or industry
  • Client directories and vendor lists
  • FAQs
  • Search
  • HR procedures, policies and forms
  • New staff induction details
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Links to websites that your business needs access to
  • Company news and industry changes
  • Staff profiles with photos and responsibilities

Could Haves

  • Social events
  • Logos and style guides
  • Time zone information
  • Current financial position
  • Discussion forums to foster innovation
  • An adjunct knowledge base

What else do you think is essential for a good intranet? What’s the most successful feature on yours?

* The Intranet Iceberg from Mark Underdown.

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